How to Keep Your Kitchen Clean and Reduce Workload

While you can deep clean your kitchen once every 4-5 months there’s a little bit you can do on a day to day basis to ensure your deep cleaning isn’t too hectic. So what is it that you should do as daily kitchen maintenance? Well, here’s KitchenGuyd’s list of 5 things you can do to lower workload and avoid a mess in the kitchen and in the process keep that smile on.

1. Empty the dishes out

Cooking with a sink or dishwasher full of dishes is tough plus it’s more likely that most of the needed cookware’s already for a wash. So the first and foremost step before you prep for the cook is to empty out the sink or dishwasher.

Also, the longer you leave the dishes the harder they are to clean as the grease and dirt stains tend to dry up thus requiring the extra bit of scrubbing and soaking.

2. Do monthly maintenance checks

Well, not exactly a deep clean but cleaning or running a maintenance check on a few important utensils and other cookware on a monthly basis can save you precious time. One such cookware is your stove.

Ensure you clean the burn stains and get rid of the rust. Apart from that, even knives tend to catch rust and lose sharpness over time. Clean it with some lemon juice to rid of rust and use a whetstone to keep it sharp.

3. Clean the countertop

From chopping, slicing to even using appliances like a blender, juicer etc. is going to take place on the kitchen countertop and an overloaded countertop can reduce work rate. Also, it makes the kitchen seem disorganized and smaller.

With a clean countertop, your kitchen will look neat, larger and also energize plus you’ll have greater will to cook. Clear the countertop off all the dirt and unrequired appliances after every cook.

Clean the countertop

4. Find the right cleaning accessories

A damp cloth or a brush isn’t always the best way to clean your kitchen and worse is if you realize midway that you either don’t have all the necessary tools or you simply can’t find them. Don’t stuff up the cupboards or storage spaces with tons of cleaning material.

A lot of the cleaners can be made at home itself within 10-15 minutes while a lot of the cleaning can be done with lime and vinegar itself.

5. Oil the wooden accessories

Most of the wooden accessories need a little maintenance but are most often neglected. Wooden spoons, cutting boards etc. are handy and also safer to use as compared to metal or plastic accessories and maintaining them requires 5 minutes.

All you need to do is rub a little oil on them once a week. It will save you the cost and time spent on buying new accessories.

Clean Kitchen

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