How Long Can Chicken Be Frozen And Be Safe To Eat

It is always better to have a fully stocked freezer rather than just going out at grocery shops regularly. The question normally can arise is, how long will a meat last? So here is an answer:

Let us find out first how to freeze it: If freeze in a correct manner, you can neatly store any kind of meat.

  1. You must freeze a meat when it is already fresh, do not put it once it becomes older. After lying 3 months on ice, it won’t be going to taste fresh.
  2. You must wrap a meat tightly in plastic or use aluminum foil or a sealable plastic bag. So, in short, your purpose is to avoid it from air exposure, and do not forget to write the date on it before freezing. You can add some veggies with it, you can freeze vegetables without blanching them.
  3. To have a food well frozen, you must keep a temperature of freezer 0 degrees or lower than that. You can check with a thermometer as many of the freezers have them built in. You can check the temperature using other ideas as well. You can keep ice cream in the freezer and check its texture, if its hard rock, the temperature of it is accurate.
  4. Once meat is frozen in an accurate manner, it can be stored in a good condition. But the differentiation in “good to eat: and “safe to eat “meat and take fresh asparagus to make it perfect.  Here is an explanation:

Meat(Beef, Lamb, Pork, etc):

As per FoodSafety.Gov, raw steaks can be frozen for 4 months to one year, chops can be stores from 4 to 6 months and roasts can be stored for 4 to 12 months. Bacon can be stored for 1 month, and raw sausage for 1 to 2 months.

  • Poultry:

Turkeys and a whole chicken can be frozen in the freezer for a whole year, while its pieces must be consumed within 9 months.

  • Fish:

It is dependent on the type of fish whether it is lean or fatty fish. According to the FDA, lean fishes includes types of fish like cod, flounder, bass, catfish, tilapia, and tuna, and those can be stored till 6 months of duration. Fatty fishes are salmon, mackerel, sardines. To remain the best quality of the fish, it should not be stored for more than 2 to 3 months.

  • Ground Meat:

They can stay in a good condition in the freezer for 3 to 4 months. They include Pork, ground beef, turkey, veal, lamb, and mixtures.

  • Cooked Meat or poultry:

As compared to raw meat, cooked meat does not remain in good condition for a longer time. You must defrost and eat the cooked meat during 2 to 3 months and poultry within four months, according to USDA.

How to thaw a meat: Meat must be put in a refrigerator in order to make it warm slowly. Pieces of meat will defrost in a day, whereas bigger pieces like chicken whole and turkeys, last longer. It is recommended that you must put a meat in a plastic bag, and dunk it in a bowl of cold water for faster thawing. Remove cold water and add new until your meat totally thawed. Do not just put a meal on a counter, as an outer side is thawed but inner side is still frozen, which can result in the growth of bacteria.

It just a simple thing, as if the meat smells good then you can surely have it but if it smells off, avoid eating it.

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