Is It Possible To Freeze Fresh Vegetables Without Blanching !

If you are willing to freeze seasons green beans and must contain a better texture after freezing. Then you must try these given simple steps to freeze beans-without blanching them.

Everything you come across while reading, says a proper way to freeze green beans is blanching them first (immersing them in a boiling water and then make them into an ice bath). Yes, it is possible to have an enzyme which can cause breaking beans in the freezer if once stores beans without blanching. However, a small test was done a few years ago, and would love to share the same with you and love to know your reviews on the same.


We used to get canned green beans. We grownup eating those, so did not at all like the rubbery texture of the frozen beans. When, growing beans were started, they used to pickle and canned even were aware of pressuring can, just like canned green beans. But then after having a child, it was not happy with canned beans anymore, but no chance in eating them when they are frozen or fresh. As beans were one of those vegetables that were her favorite.

On reading some stuff online, it was found that many people have recommended to blanching the beans and then storing them, but there were two gardening forums, where it was not mentioned that to blanch beans, as without blanching as well, they are perfect.

Chop the beans as normal, and put them directly in freezer bags.

Update: Many people ask about washing the beans first: I do not. As beans were gardened organically and growing pole beans is beneficial as they do not touch the ground. Trusting your cleanliness is the most. If someone is not so sure about his or her cleanliness, then go for washing them. But make sure to make them dry thoroughly to avoid crystals.

Use a straw “vacuum sealer” and try to pull out as much air as you can before freezing or sealing them. I froze it in the deep freezer for 2 weeks. I have the best chest freezer for my kitchen by which I can restore beans for a long time, and before using them in a dinner, it was difficult as fresh beans were also available.

The Verdict?

The difference was not considered from the beans those were blanched. Rather the texture was much better as well, but it was just because it was stored just for a couple of weeks. An enzyme takes a long to break down the beans. So freezing of remaining beans was done in that way. That year, no blanching was done for any of the frozen beans. Then I waited for more periods to come to know that they can be stored for more than just 2 weeks. It was just to test that whether they could hold for a whole year like the blanched ones or not. And a result was;

They are good, better than the beans which took more time to blanch them in the past. The texture was better and everyone agreed to it. Next year, 8-quart bags of beans in just an hour were done. The task is much quicker when there need not want any blanching.

Freezing beans without blanching:

  1. Wash them if needed and cut them to 1-1 inch length.
  2. Keep them in a quart-sized zip-top bags and try to remove as much as the air you can before sealing.
  3. Place it into a freezer for a nearly whole year. You can use them to cook with bacon, soups, and for stews, all winter long.

How to cook with unblanched frozen green beans:

If you are willing to cook them as a side dish and not just for soups, a longer cooking method is suggested. We personally like them cooked long with bacon (20 minutes) and onions like the recipe. Preservation of beans has been done for more than 5 years now and will not be using a cumbersome blanching method.

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