Now Its Time To Go To The Grocery Store On The Hunt For Frozen Fare

Six meatloaf dinners are picked as they are nationally or internationally known to everyone. So, the chart saying the ratings are given at the top and the reviews are described below separately;

There are some meat loaf’s, which was tried again, the quality of them was somewhere gone down

Dinner Flavor Potatoes and sides Average
Boston Market 7 8 7.5
Stouffer’s 9.5 10 9.75
Marie Callender’s 0 0 0
Hormel 8.5 8.5
Great Value(Wal-Mart) 8 8 8
Swanson 8 8.5 8.25

They are actually nice!

Meatloaf is sometimes preferable as they are easy to make and are the best filling for sandwiches and can be served with a freshly prepared meal. It can become a survivor for several days and economical at the same time.

Frozen food is the best option for convenience but is not for the tastes, but they are time savers for that matter. Some people are not really a big fan of using frozen food as they prefer to cook rather. But sometimes it may happen that you lack time and energy and you don’t wish to clean all the mess yourself then you can get this idea done.

Meatloaf works the best for the people who wish to have some authentic dish with some mashed potatoes and some gravy around or try something new now you can freeze fresh vegetables without blanching, it will save your time and energy.

Having meatloaf dinner at popular restaurants:

  • Contenders: Let’s rate the following meat loaf’s brands: Stouffer’s, Boston Market, Swanson’s, Walmart, and Hormel. It is preferred to cook all the dinner’s in a toaster oven or conventional oven, as food tastes better by using this method. Those can be rater by various categories; look, Taste quality, Aroma, Texture. Normally the cost of these meals varies from $2.00 to 3. 50which depends on the quality and locality.


  • Stouffer’s Brand Mart Loaf:

The first review is about the brand named Stouffer’s Brand Mart Loaf.

It is recommended by many people as it is tasty and delicious.

Taste: A beefy taste with a pinch of pepper and onion. Aroma is very nice, which attracts many people to consume it.

Texture: It has the nice hold, and it does not break apart easily. It is full and tender.

Potatoes: They are fluffy and very authentic. You can add a taste of butter to it.

Gravy: Yummy and warm. They look nice with those fluffy potatoes. Normally gravies in a meal are thinner, but this one is not. You can only demand more once you have it.

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Overall, the brand is given a rating of 9. Once cooked, it has a great appearance and taste. You feel satisfied once consumed.

  • Boston Market: The Second review is for Boston Market.

It was very famous some 15 to 20 years ago. It was a nice restaurant as you were getting meat, potatoes, a stick of bread, side veggies at an affordable rate. It was convenient and tasty at the same time.

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It was quite appetizing with a fresh aroma. It was nice but you could not eat a whole meal at a time.

Taste:  You can get some mixed feelings while eating it, whether you are having it a dinner or filler. It was preferred to have various palates like onion, pepper, tomatoes like base.

Texture: In this category, a meal sometimes failed as it is very soft and some people like to have little firmness to their meal. Sometimes, it is felt that you are biting a piece of colored bread or like that with the same taste. The meat does not look as a whole rather it feels like it is cooked by making its slices and then pressed them together.

Potatoes: The potatoes are very delicious with perfect amount of pepper spice added to it. They were not watery and had a nice texture. They are solid enough too deep into a gravy.

Gravy: It seems very watery and had a blandish color. But have a nice aroma and a nice beefy flavor. The gravy specially made the meat loaf tastier with those potatoes.

It is worth to have if you are looking for a good meal. But the second number.

  • Swanson: It is one of the famous brand names and it was packaged in foil containers which were not microwaveable. It is not that good, but one of the best meals that provide all the stuff from vegetables to desserts.

Taste: Having this as a dinner is a very nice idea. Patties are not that solid as preferred. They are softer but tasty. They are tasty normally, but sometimes their texture makes them less enjoyable than other brands.

Potatoes and gravy: gravy is nice and full of flavor and potatoes are rich, delicious and tasty. This makes feel like having it.

Sides: Vegetables are good till they go in the oven for heating. But they are in less quantity as compared to others but overall are the perfect meal to have.

Desert included: It was good and tastes same as the Swanson is offering from past 30 years. It will taste great especially with some vanilla ice cream and toppings.

  • Marie Calendar’s: It was tasted by many people before, so just having a bite was enough to make it pass.

Taste and appearance: It is the best brand which is very appetizing at the same time. Corns and mushrooms taste great when consuming it. And this thing is appealing when talking about this brand. Taste somewhat feels artificial and processed, but overall good.

Summary: The nice portion of corns and mushrooms let you feel like trying it once. It is not preferred by many although.

  • Wal-Mart: It’s not that bad. The potatoes and gravy was tasty and creamy.

Taste: It has a nice taste with a beefy texture and tomatoes on top. It was normally like by many people.

Sides:  Gravy was flavorful and tasty. And tasty with potatoes.

Summary: Not that bad with the cost. It can become a great side dish but not the whole meal.

  • Hormell: It was said by many people that Hormell was not good but said by many others that it was. The texture was solid and tastes delicious. You can add some potatoes and gravy with some corns. So having hormell can be the pretty a good option for your overall meal.

Foods That Can Be Stored For A Long Time

It is the normally asked question that what food lasts for a longer duration? It is usually the challenge once prepping is started. Not only preppers but also other community people like emergency workers, homesteaders, and military. So here is a list of long-lasting food;

In terms of food, it is important to make sure what kind of food we are buying and stocking, that we should not have to make many rotations of it on regular basis.

We have a variety of choices in food. It is not like beans should be quit for a whole year, you can buy a food which lasts from 5 to 10 years. These foods are easy to add in your canned food or can be used as emergency food.

Let us look at the food that we can have and the food which can last longer:

Dried Beans: They are preferred to store in airtight food storage containers or Mylar bags which is used to absorb oxygen for a longer duration. Normally, like rice, dried beans can last for almost 30 years. By using bags, the shelf life of those beans increases considerably.

Rolled Oats: Rolls are normally used in breakfasts and sweets, as they are the best fillers. They are not as easy to cook like other foods but they can last for almost 30 years if stored in a way like beans.

Pasta Products: It is one of the shelf foods which can be used to make hot or cold pasta. Normally, commercially dries and frozen pasta can last for 8 to 30 years.

Vegetables: You can learn techniques to freeze vegetables without blanching, it will keep your veggies fresh for a long time.

Cheese: It can be stored in wax, Bega canned cheese, Freeze-dried cheese, and Kraft, and even those can last for a longer duration.

Dehydrated fruit slices: Fruits like raisins, apricot, apple, and dates are the fruits which can be called as dried or dehydrated fruits.

Dehydrated Carrots: They can last for almost 25 years.

White Rice: Rice is the most consumed food as it is affordable, easy to get and store and has a longer shelf life. If stored in food-grade containers and food storage bags, it can last for almost30 year.

Legumes (Lentils and peas): Try to get the whole lentils and not the split ones, as most of the preppers do. They are rich in fibers and also easy to cook and can be added to other dishes as well. They normally last for almost 4 to 5 years.

Dried Corn: They are easy to get, tasty and affordable. They can last for about 10 years.

Powdered whole eggs by Ova easy (They last for 7 years): They are not usually considered if there is an available source of chickens, but they have a longer shelf life and last for almost 7 years.

Canned baked beans and spaghetti: People normally love to have canned beans. They are consumed by many people and can easily have them in any form cold or hot.

MRE’s: They are a great source when there is a time of emergency food, they can remain in good condition for almost 72 hours, and they were normally used for soldiers to have extra energy sources.

Pemmican: It was invented by Native Americans and usually made up of lean meat of local wild animals. Meat is first dried and then mixed with fat, flavoring berries and packaged into packets.

Twinkies: These can become the best desert if you want to add something to your prepped meals. It was tested by one scientist in 2012, that Twinkies can last long for almost 30 years.

Baking Soda: They can last indefinitely, so some people do not wish to stock them.

Salt/Sugar: They are basic ingredients in most of the dishes and they can last indefinitely.

Stock/bouillon: They can be used to add in soups, potato, and rice o add an extra flavor.

Honey: It can be a replacement for sugar and lasts for 100 years.

Powdered Milk: Powdered milk and supplements have to be stored as they can be used to get proteins and nutrients from many of the dishes and they can last for more than 20 years.

Instant coffee, Cocoa Powder, Tea: It can last for almost more than 20 years.

Freeze and dried foods in an emergency: A prepper’s pantry must have a stock of an emergency food supply in case of any disaster situations. The companies who provide such sets of food supplies are:

  • Military MRE food supplies
  • Chef’s Banquet Emergency food
  • Survival Tabs Emergency Food rations
  • Mountain House 3-Day Emergency Supply

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Storing food to make it last longer:  You can make a use of Mylar Bags to keep your food dried and stored for a longer duration. Once they are in the bag, they can be protected for a longer time without any mess.

Starting your own emergency food supply: Once, one starts prepping, it is not that hard, rather it is quite a fun thing to do. You can also share any longer shelf life food, if it does not have in the above-mentioned list, ad comment it on the section given below.…

How Long Can Chicken Be Frozen And Be Safe To Eat

It is always better to have a fully stocked freezer rather than just going out at grocery shops regularly. The question normally can arise is, how long will a meat last? So here is an answer:

Let us find out first how to freeze it: If freeze in a correct manner, you can neatly store any kind of meat.

  1. You must freeze a meat when it is already fresh, do not put it once it becomes older. After lying 3 months on ice, it won’t be going to taste fresh.
  2. You must wrap a meat tightly in plastic or use aluminum foil or a sealable plastic bag. So, in short, your purpose is to avoid it from air exposure, and do not forget to write the date on it before freezing. You can add some veggies with it, you can freeze vegetables without blanching them.
  3. To have a food well frozen, you must keep a temperature of freezer 0 degrees or lower than that. You can check with a thermometer as many of the freezers have them built in. You can check the temperature using other ideas as well. You can keep ice cream in the freezer and check its texture, if its hard rock, the temperature of it is accurate.
  4. Once meat is frozen in an accurate manner, it can be stored in a good condition. But the differentiation in “good to eat: and “safe to eat “meat and take fresh asparagus to make it perfect.  Here is an explanation:

Meat(Beef, Lamb, Pork, etc):

As per FoodSafety.Gov, raw steaks can be frozen for 4 months to one year, chops can be stores from 4 to 6 months and roasts can be stored for 4 to 12 months. Bacon can be stored for 1 month, and raw sausage for 1 to 2 months.

  • Poultry:

Turkeys and a whole chicken can be frozen in the freezer for a whole year, while its pieces must be consumed within 9 months.

  • Fish:

It is dependent on the type of fish whether it is lean or fatty fish. According to the FDA, lean fishes includes types of fish like cod, flounder, bass, catfish, tilapia, and tuna, and those can be stored till 6 months of duration. Fatty fishes are salmon, mackerel, sardines. To remain the best quality of the fish, it should not be stored for more than 2 to 3 months.

  • Ground Meat:

They can stay in a good condition in the freezer for 3 to 4 months. They include Pork, ground beef, turkey, veal, lamb, and mixtures.

  • Cooked Meat or poultry:

As compared to raw meat, cooked meat does not remain in good condition for a longer time. You must defrost and eat the cooked meat during 2 to 3 months and poultry within four months, according to USDA.

How to thaw a meat: Meat must be put in a refrigerator in order to make it warm slowly. Pieces of meat will defrost in a day, whereas bigger pieces like chicken whole and turkeys, last longer. It is recommended that you must put a meat in a plastic bag, and dunk it in a bowl of cold water for faster thawing. Remove cold water and add new until your meat totally thawed. Do not just put a meal on a counter, as an outer side is thawed but inner side is still frozen, which can result in the growth of bacteria.

It just a simple thing, as if the meat smells good then you can surely have it but if it smells off, avoid eating it.…

Is It Possible To Freeze Fresh Vegetables Without Blanching !

If you are willing to freeze seasons green beans and must contain a better texture after freezing. Then you must try these given simple steps to freeze beans-without blanching them.

Everything you come across while reading, says a proper way to freeze green beans is blanching them first (immersing them in a boiling water and then make them into an ice bath). Yes, it is possible to have an enzyme which can cause breaking beans in the freezer if once stores beans without blanching. However, a small test was done a few years ago, and would love to share the same with you and love to know your reviews on the same.


We used to get canned green beans. We grownup eating those, so did not at all like the rubbery texture of the frozen beans. When, growing beans were started, they used to pickle and canned even were aware of pressuring can, just like canned green beans. But then after having a child, it was not happy with canned beans anymore, but no chance in eating them when they are frozen or fresh. As beans were one of those vegetables that were her favorite.

On reading some stuff online, it was found that many people have recommended to blanching the beans and then storing them, but there were two gardening forums, where it was not mentioned that to blanch beans, as without blanching as well, they are perfect.

Chop the beans as normal, and put them directly in freezer bags.

Update: Many people ask about washing the beans first: I do not. As beans were gardened organically and growing pole beans is beneficial as they do not touch the ground. Trusting your cleanliness is the most. If someone is not so sure about his or her cleanliness, then go for washing them. But make sure to make them dry thoroughly to avoid crystals.

Use a straw “vacuum sealer” and try to pull out as much air as you can before freezing or sealing them. I froze it in the deep freezer for 2 weeks. I have the best chest freezer for my kitchen by which I can restore beans for a long time, and before using them in a dinner, it was difficult as fresh beans were also available.

The Verdict?

The difference was not considered from the beans those were blanched. Rather the texture was much better as well, but it was just because it was stored just for a couple of weeks. An enzyme takes a long to break down the beans. So freezing of remaining beans was done in that way. That year, no blanching was done for any of the frozen beans. Then I waited for more periods to come to know that they can be stored for more than just 2 weeks. It was just to test that whether they could hold for a whole year like the blanched ones or not. And a result was;

They are good, better than the beans which took more time to blanch them in the past. The texture was better and everyone agreed to it. Next year, 8-quart bags of beans in just an hour were done. The task is much quicker when there need not want any blanching.

Freezing beans without blanching:

  1. Wash them if needed and cut them to 1-1 inch length.
  2. Keep them in a quart-sized zip-top bags and try to remove as much as the air you can before sealing.
  3. Place it into a freezer for a nearly whole year. You can use them to cook with bacon, soups, and for stews, all winter long.

How to cook with unblanched frozen green beans:

If you are willing to cook them as a side dish and not just for soups, a longer cooking method is suggested. We personally like them cooked long with bacon (20 minutes) and onions like the recipe. Preservation of beans has been done for more than 5 years now and will not be using a cumbersome blanching method.…